'DRLNG - A repertoire', with Bruno Cadinha
Performance, 60', 2017
at Rua das Gaivotas 6

Having as a main impulse the dislocated perception of the feminine in an non-normative way, DRLNG intends to be a performative piece-archive-his/herstory. A manifesto of poetic and autobiographical activism. A way to try to map ourselves through historical incursions into the margins of the the “performative arts”, from runways to dragshows, ballrooms or the Club Kids. Through this project we want to look at the influence of queer practices (like the ones mentioned before) in the general history of performance/the performative arts and in the history of queer identities (nomadic identities, unlabeled identities, etc). We want to re-inscribe those practices as being as legitimate as authorial performances; to reclaim the anonymity of the performative margin as a consequence of an art history that is commodified and normative. Situating the anonymity of the aesthetic/formal structure as charged with political potential, we challenge and question the idea of “authorship” (is this a patriarchal and capitalist idea?). An anonymity which has originated a form of knowledge which is transmitted body to body, word to word – a repertoire. We understand this anonymity and this repertoire as a provocation to the stability of the archive and to the logocentrism of history.

With the support of GDA’s grant for the Performing arts